Our methodology is very robust and has been tried and tested successfully with a number of clients. It is this applied framework that differentiates us from our competitors. Because of our unique approach to corporate travel, our clients consult with us not only for the day to day travel bookings but also on various strategic travel issues. Our clients see us as strategic travel management partners because our approach aligns itself to broader business objectives of cutting costs and customer service.

Policy infrastructure and policy framework

Duma Travel assesses the client’s travel policy and travel process framework and recommends a migration plan.  

Preferred supplier agreements

Duma Travel negotiates with existing and potential preferred suppliers to maximise saving opportunities.

Leverage of consortium

As a member of a consortium, Duma Travel is ideally positioned to negotiate favourable rates with supplier.

Preferred supplier programme  

As a Duma Travel client, you will benefit from our Preferred Supplier Programs. We continuously review these suppliers to track efficiency and costing.