Duma Travel embraces the spirit of empowerment. This is validated by our BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) ratings. For the past 5 years, we have been rated as a Level 1 Contributor (AAA+), which is the highest level on the scorecard. Our clients can claim up to 135% BEE points on the preferential procurement spend when applying for their BEE rating. We are one of the largest and fastest-growing 100% black owned and 50% woman owned travel management companies in South Africa.  

The current ownership is 100% black owned with 50% female owned.

Management Control

The directors of Duma Travel are actively involved in the daily management of the company.

Employment Equity

Duma Travel aligns to the Occupational Category definitions and uses the EEA9 semantic scale to determine occupation levels.

Skills Development

A skills plan is drawn up annually which aligns to the business and individual needs and the Workplace Skills Plan.

Preferential Procurement

Preference is given to suppliers who are black or black women-owned, value adding suppliers and QSEs.


Duma Travel supports previously disadvantaged individuals, mainly black woman businesses, with growth finance. A program is also in place to assist with the incubation of young start up corporate travel agencies. Management expertise, sub-contracting arrangements, and finance are provided to compliment owner capital.


Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is the one area in which South African companies can truly make a difference to the country's less advantaged communities. Having come from such a background, the shareholders of Duma Travel are committed to being a thoughtful and responsible corporate citizen, supporting economic and social projects through vigorous promotion of community-based projects as well as supporting educational upliftment projects.

Duma Travel is involved in the following CSI initiatives:
  • Duma Travel initiated a bursary scheme at Sebenzakusakhanya in Glencoe with 20 students from grade 8 to 12 benefiting. Themba Mthombeni attended this school and therefore holds it close to his heart.  Following the project’s success, a further 2 schools (Talane High School and Dundee Secondary School) are now included in the programme.
  • In addition to the 20 bursaries, 14 scholarships are now offered to students with a matric exemption to study at a University of their choice. Duma Travel is providing all 3 schools with networked computer terminals, servers and International Computer Driver Licenses.
  • Duma Travel recently launched a “Veggie Bank” project in Luphisi, Nelspruit.  The project was designed to engage the community and to deal with local poverty issues.  Duma Travel joined hands with Khulisa Social Solutions (a Section 21 NGO) to teach the community how to grow vegetable and to use the produce to generate income.