DUMA SPORT - It’s all about the experience

While Duma SPORT will cater to individuals and businesses alike, its primary focus will be on the corporate sector. CEO Themba Mthombeni is confident that Duma has all the right resources at its fingertips to create a thriving new addition to the industry with the potential to rival the biggest and the best. “We already possess a wealth of travel experience within the organisation and our sports division will benefit hugely from this. It will also benefit from our bespoke incentive travel experiences, considerable resources and sophisticated back office.  Not to mention our well-established group of corporate clients which Duma SPORT will now be able to service,” he says.

The inclusion of Duma SPORT into the company’s offering now means that Duma is able to provide its clients with turn-key travel solutions, serving as a one-stop shop for travel, incentives, conferences, events and now sport.

Duma SPORT’s arrival in the market is opportune with a number of major world sporting events scheduled to take place in the near future, starting with the FIFA Soccer World Cup. Although Duma SPORT enters a market which is highly competitive and in which there are a number of well-established players, the division is confident that it can deliver sports travel experiences which will soon see it emerge as a frontrunner in the sports travel arena.

Sports Travel Manager, Claire Nunan believes that the Duma SPORT difference will lie with its enhanced service levels. “Ultimately we are going to give them an experience like no other,” she maintains, explaining that each and every one of the company’s travel experiences will be customised to suit the client’s individual requirements.

While conventional sports travel packages might include flights, accommodation and tickets to the game, the Duma SPORT experience will also involve the opportunity to experience anything from speed boating across famous lakes or conducting aeroplane flips over incredible sights, to offering the personal touches such as private restaurants, customised menus, added luxuries and culturally authentic greeting parties at every point of the journey, all aimed at delivering a truly memorable experience.

Duma SPORT will offer an extensive range of sporting events, starting with major global events such as the Rugby World Cup in 2015, the Winter Olympics in Russia and the Summer Olympics in Brazil, as well as the Cricket World Cup and other annual events for a number of different sports such as tennis, Formula 1, football and even skiing.

More than simply another sports travel company, Duma SPORT wants to truly excite people about sport travel. “Sport is a hugely powerful tool,” notes Mthombeni, “and ultimately our goal for the coming year is to create new levels of hype for those special sporting experiences.”